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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei Youth Affairs Department’s Organizational Regulations Draft Passes Review by Council’s Legislative Committee2024-02-07
2Taipei Youth Affairs Department’s Organizational Regulations Draft Passes Council Review2024-02-07
3Instructions of 1999 Personal Data Protection2024-02-06
4RDEC Will Continue to Communicate Actively to Facilitate the Approval of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department’s Organizational Regulations Draft2024-01-31
5Nearly 80% of Poll Supports Establishing the Taipei Youth Affairs Department: Taipei City Government Will Provide Additional Information Again Based on City Council’s Recommendations and Aspires to Complete Legalization Promptly2024-01-31
6Satisfaction with Taipei City’s Governance Soars to 65% after the First Year of Chiang Wan-an’s Term2024-01-29
7Mayor Wan-An Chiang Presented the "Data Utilization in Research Reports" Award to Celebrate the Achievement2023-11-30
8The Organizational Regulations of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department (Draft) Have Been Submitted to the Taipei City Council for Approval, Expecting to Integrate Resources to Provide One-Stop Services for Youth2023-11-28
9Taipei City Fire Department Won the 6th Government Service Award with “119 High-Performance Dispatch and Precision Service”2023-11-22
10Innovation Illuminates the City's Future: 2023 Taipei City Government's Innovative Proposal Competition Yields Fruitful Results2023-11-01
11Retention Schedule for Personal Data and Case Information Regarding the Petitions & Dispatches Taipei City Government Received2023-09-15
121999 Taipei Citizen Hotline Service Website Will be Down for Maintenance2023-09-14
1357% of Citizens Satisfied with Mayor Chiang Wan-an's Performance2023-08-17
14Collaboration and Progress: Joint Efforts of Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung, and Taoyuan2023-08-17
15The Explanation of the Personal Data and Data Retention Periods of the Taipei City Simple Petition System2023-07-13
16Call Recording Retention Policy for 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline: Recordings are Archived for 5 years and Deleted Periodically after the Retention Period. With One-Year Grace Period to Reduce Inconvenience for the Public, the Policy Will be Enacted on July 1, 2024.2023-05-19
17Taipei City Government Launches Two-Day Team Taipei Consensus Camp2023-01-18
18Nearly Half of Taipei Citizens Prefer to Go Cashless for Their Payments2022-12-19
19Human Rights Day - Mayor Ko and Citizens of Taipei City Review the Public Participation2022-12-16
2074% of Taipei Citizens Approve Taipei City Government’s Execution Capability and Legal Compliance2022-11-18