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Research, Development and Evaluation Commission


NO.TitlePublish Date
1Satisfaction for Municipal Governance and Services Remains the Same, Mayor Ko’s approval rating Drops  2019-08-05
2The Collaboration of Taipei and New Taipei City Promises a Better Future2019-07-09
3The Results of May Opinion Poll regarding Senior Welfare2019-06-18
4The Results of March Opinion Poll regarding the Lantern Festival and Consumption in the West Side of Taipei2019-05-15
5The Results of the January Opinion Poll2019-04-11
6Taipei and New Taipei Continue to Upgrade Collaboration and Deepen Exchanges2019-03-05
7Mayor Ko Has 59% Approval Rating at His 4th Anniversary in Office2019-02-12
8Online Self-nomination for Taipei City Government Citizen Participation Advisory Council Members Has been Extended2019-01-09
9Results of the Poll regarding Taipei Citizens’ Exercise Habits and Health Management2018-12-10
10Winners of Taipei City Government Small E-service Design Competition Announced2018-11-29
11Control Yuan Members Visited Taipei City Government to Conduct Circuit Supervision2018-10-11
12Mayor Ko Has 60% Approval Rating after 3.5 Years in Office2018-09-27
13Taipei and New Taipei City Collaborate to Build a Better Future2018-08-10
14Taipei Youth Commission Invites Young People to Participate in Public Affairs2018-07-12
15Taipei City Secured Small Loans Services and Taipei City Hospital Won the 1st Government Service Award2018-06-19
1666% of Taipei Citizens Agree Taipei City Government is Efficient and Law-abiding2018-05-21
17Results of the New i-Voting System after One Year of Implementation2018-04-16
18The Result of a New Poll on Transportation Experiences  and Housing Policies2018-03-26
19What is the Lean Management Project and How to Participate?2018-02-21
20Mayor Ko has 58% Approval Rating at His 3rd Anniversary in Office2018-01-16