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1Eighty-three Percent of Taipei City Residents Live in Self-owned Houses, of Which Seventy-nine Percent of the Property Age Older Than Thirty Years2022-09-21
2Announcement of the Members of the 8th Taipei Youth Affairs Committee2022-08-30
32022 Taipei Expo Launches the Official Website and Welcomes All to Visit the Six Exhibition Areas online2022-08-19
4Poll: Nearly 60 Percent Satisfied with Taipei City Mayor Ko's Governing Achievements2022-07-28
5Nearly half of the office workers in Taipei City are not affected by the epidemic2022-07-21
6Taipei Youth Affairs Committee is Recruiting the 8th Youth Committee Members Online to Contribute to Public Affairs2022-06-28
774% of Taipei Citizens Satisfy with Street Cleanliness2022-05-10
8Internal Testing of Audio Transcription Collaboration to Improve Service efficiency of 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline2022-05-10
9 78% of Wanhua Residents were Satisfied with the Disturbance Prevention During the Qingshan King Festival2022-04-21
10Taipei and New Taipei Expanding the Collaboration in the Post-Pandemic Era 2022-04-14
11The Appreciation Party of Tenacious Fight Against Pandemic - The Taipei City Anti-Covid Report2022-03-07
12Mayor Ko holds Job Approval Rating at 62%2022-02-18
13Taipei City’s Roads Quality Remains Satisfied Rate to 64%2022-01-20
14Public Opinion Poll Result Conducted in October 2021 46% of Citizens Prioritizes Cashless Payments, while 53% stills Prefers Cash2021-12-17
15Taipei City Government Awarded the 4th Government Service Award for the success in pandemic prevention2021-12-14
1672% Agree Taipei City Government Has the Ability to Execute and Administer According to Law2021-11-11
17Taipei Citizen Participation Committee Is Recruiting New Committee Members Welcome to Join Us to Make Taipei City a Better Place to Live2021-11-09
18Poll shows 60% of Citizens are Satisfied with the Taipei City Government Performance regarding COVID-19 prevention2021-10-25
19Announcement for the name list of the 7th Taipei City Youth Commission2021-09-28
20Taipei Youth Affairs Committee is Recruiting New Youth Committee Members to Contribute to Public Affairs2021-08-05