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NO.TitlePublish Date
1The New poll reveals how food delivery services changing our lifestyle and the quarantine hotels awareness2020-05-21
2Taipei and New Taipei Collaborate for Resource Sharing and Policy Consistency2020-04-20
3COVID-19 Reduces 88% of Taipei Citizens’ Willingness to Participate in Large Events 2020-04-20
4Public Opinion Poll Results Show Support for Taipei City Government’s Key Events2020-03-31
5First Prizes Winning City Departments of Taipei Announced for the 2019 Global City Rankings2020-03-31
6Deputy Mayor Pong Praised Great Results of Open Data Uses and Thanked Researchers’ Efforts 2020-02-17
7Mayor Ko’s Approval Ticks back up by 4% to 55%2020-01-13
8The Results of November 2019 Opinion Poll regarding Road Quality and Smoking Bans 2020-01-13
9The Results of October Opinion Poll Regarding Non-cash Payments 2019-12-10
10Taipei and New Taipei City Collaborate to Promise a Magnificent Future2019-12-10
11The Results of September Opinion Poll regarding Taipei City Government and Overall Experience of Living2019-11-20
12The Results of August Opinion Poll regarding Arts and Cultural Events and Knowledge Economy2019-11-20
13Taipei City Youth Commission Members Visited Jiankan and Dongming Public Housing Complexes2019-10-21
14The Results of July Opinion Poll regarding Flower Season Events, Taipei Film Festival, etc.2019-10-21
15Announcing Members of the 5th Term of Taipei Youth Commission2019-09-03
16The Project Encouraging City Staff to Release and Use Government Date Shows Excellent Results2019-09-03
17Satisfaction for Municipal Governance and Services Remains the Same, Mayor Ko’s approval rating Drops  2019-08-05
18The Collaboration of Taipei and New Taipei City Promises a Better Future2019-07-09
19The Results of May Opinion Poll regarding Senior Welfare2019-06-18
20The Results of March Opinion Poll regarding the Lantern Festival and Consumption in the West Side of Taipei2019-05-15