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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei City’s Roads Quality Remains Satisfied Rate to 64%2022-01-20
2Public Opinion Poll Result Conducted in October 2021 46% of Citizens Prioritizes Cashless Payments, while 53% stills Prefers Cash2021-12-17
3Taipei City Government Awarded the 4th Government Service Award for the success in pandemic prevention2021-12-14
472% Agree Taipei City Government Has the Ability to Execute and Administer According to Law2021-11-11
5Taipei Citizen Participation Committee Is Recruiting New Committee Members Welcome to Join Us to Make Taipei City a Better Place to Live2021-11-09
6Poll shows 60% of Citizens are Satisfied with the Taipei City Government Performance regarding COVID-19 prevention2021-10-25
7Announcement for the name list of the 7th Taipei City Youth Commission2021-09-28
8Taipei Youth Affairs Committee is Recruiting New Youth Committee Members to Contribute to Public Affairs2021-08-05
9Poll: Taipei City Mayor Ko’s Approval Rating Ticks up to 52 Percent2021-07-30
10Public Opinion Poll Result Conducted in May 20212021-06-18
11Taipei City Named as Finalist in Bloomberg Philanthropies 2021 Global Mayors Challenge2021-06-17
12Seventy-Two Percent Were Satisfied With the Overall Walking Environment in Taipei City2021-05-21
13Taipei and New Taipei Collaborate to Building the Future Perspective 2021-04-08
14Public Opinion Poll Result Conducted in January 2021 2021-03-25
15Poll by RDEC of Taipei City Government Shows Mayor Ko Wen-je’s Job Approval Rate at 57%2021-02-26
16Steady Growth, Mayor Ko Wen-je's Job Approval Rate Reaches 57%2021-02-20
17Public Opinion Poll Results Show Support for Taipei City’s Roads Quality2021-01-20
18Public Opinion Poll Result Conducted in October 2020 2020-12-14
19The official launch of the Taipei City Government’s Data Management Committee Protecting private information while providing convenient services2020-12-14
20Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program Starting on December 1st Face mask required to enter eight types of venues2020-12-09