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In the 21st century, Taipei City is poised to shine as a world-class metropolis. It is a political, economic and financial city in the Asia-Pacific region. Taipei City's mission will not only impact the whole country's growth and development, but also establish Taiwan's image and its international reputation.

Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC) hopes to assist Taipei City Government (TCG) in becoming a renewed administration that focuses on efficiency and productive e-government. RDEC has a rational planning strategy, subject matter experts in various fields, various assessments and surveys in assisting decision making, and various services to assist the public.

RDEC's main role is as liaison in facilitating interagency cooperation and coordination. Currently, RDEC has a Planning Office and 5 divisions, the Research and Development, Control and Evaluation, Service Enhancement, Documents, Data & Publications, and 1999 Hotline Management Division.

RDEC has a medium-term project to manage the development of Taipei City. The RDEC's major future expectations are: to improve Research and Development performances, improve citizen participation, inspect and control Taipei City Government projects, evaluate and improve government agency's overall performances in the citizen services area, and verify and register Taipei City Government's publications.

The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of Taipei City Government hopes to enhance the cooperation and collaboration between all government agencies. We encourage an increase in interactions between the government and citizens. An increase in interaction will help to educate the RDEC's divisions to assist in the decision-making process. RDEC aims to increase performance efficiency, enhance project quality, and implement reliable and applicable policies.