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Promotion and Evaluation of Citizen Services

1. Responsible for the Project of Improving Service Quality
        In order to constantly enhance service quality and set a paradigm of excellence service, the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission(RDEC), in accordance with the policies and regulations concerning service quality of the Executive Yuan and Taipei City Government, provides assistances every year for agencies participating in competing for the Government Service Award. It is also hoped to maximize benchmarking efficiency, and encourage agencies to innovate.

The theme of the Government Service Award is “Innovation: Open-minded Government Services.” The award is conferred in two categories: “value-added digital innovation” and “social care services.” The former category encourages agencies to adopt innovative digital strategies and measures to effectively facilitate economic growth, job creation and efficient resource utilization. The latter urges agencies to pay attention to socioeconomic diversity of social service users. It is hoped to solve the imbalance of accesses to services caused by age, gender, ethnicity, etc. and effectively improve social inclusion and balancing utilization of social resources.

2. Conduct non-periodical Citizen Service inspections
Besides organizing annual Government Service Award event, RDEC also dispatches staffs under the guise of a citizen to popular public service locations for spot inspections on the planning and execution of services and the service environment. The results are offered to the agencies concerned for review and improvement in the hope of strengthening the onsite facilities and service performance.

3. Evaluate staff’s telephone etiquette
Telephone service is one of the most common and crucial links in citizen services and its quality has huge impacts on the image of municipal services. To continue improving telephone etiquette in the services of Taipei City Government agencies, the RDEC staffs conduct testing on an ad hoc basis by inquiring on related businesses under the guise of a citizen or an internal customer. Testing points include voice system, dial-up time, staff’s manners, response quality and overall satisfaction, and the results are offered to the agencies concerned for review and improvement in the hope of upgrading the overall image of municipal services.

4. Verify agencies’ processing in service applications
Every year RDEC promulgates the “Verification Plan for Processing Citizen Applications” to Taipei City Government agencies. Periodically RDEC will review and modify Taipei City Government agency’s citizen applications, required documents, application extension process, and other application forms. All TCG agencies must meet the application guidelines and submit a report to the RDEC Division. This report should be reviewed and approved before an application processing time list is announced. The list is served as an application process reference for the public applying for services.

5. Review Taipei City Government's innovative proposals
Since 2007, RDEC has been promoting the innovative proposals review system that comprises a two-stage screening process and offers multiple incentives. These incentives include administrative bonus points and monetary rewards. RDEC strive to encourage staffs to generate creativity in proposing innovative ideas for improvements,to provide thematic studies, and to participate in agency’s businesses, thereby educating administrative staffs to desire change. RDEC hope to utilize these innovative ideas to increase administrative efficiency and improve quality service.

6. Assist in supervision of Taipei City Simple Petition System“HELLO TAIPEI”
“HELLO TAIPEI” – Taipei City Simple Petition System (hereafter referred to as the “Simple Petition System,”) integrating “City Affairs Mailbox”, “1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline,” and information counters at or phone inquiry services by all agencies of the Taipei City Government, is intended for the public to submit their petitions and to supervise government agencies’ response efficiency.RDEC makes sure Taipei City staff promptly answer the requests filed at the Simple Petition System in order to improve the services for the public.