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Assistance and Coordination Groups Demonstrate Success and Implemented throughout Taipei City Government

Taipei City Government launched a pilot project in 2015 organizing assistance and coordination groups to care for and provide assistances to city employees. Led by Taipei City deputy mayor Chia-ji Teng, the project was initially run at 10 selected TCG departments. The result of the project in the past two years shows the method is effective. Therefore, it has been implemented at all first-tier agencies and their affiliating offices this year (2017) to serve 80,000 city employees.
An assistance and coordination group consists of 3 working teams, respectively focusing on cares for city employees, coordinating dispute cases and reducing lawsuits. The working teams provide assistances, collect and summarize results, and ensure feedbacks responded and corrective actions taken. In the first half of 2017 since the project was carried out extensively, overtime has been reduced, disputes solved more effectively, and the number of carry-over litigation cases decreased.
For year 2017, the assistance and coordination groups take prevention as the foremost priority. By way of organizational operation, extensive promotion and reviews on regular basis, they provide approachable assistances for city employees and encourage them to use the supports; in the aspect of coordination for dispute cases, they execute department heads’ decisions to settle disputes; for reducing lawsuits, they create an environment city employees feel comfortable to enforce laws or regulations.
Litigation is not the only resolution for disputes. The assistance and coordination groups are established to solve disputes alternatively. They hope to provide tangible supports, settle disputes and prevent lawsuits. It is believed the implementation efficiency and policy effectiveness of Taipei City Government will be enhanced by building an environment where city employees are confident in enforcing laws.
Taipei City Government has changed its organizational culture. In addition to emphasizing integrity and team work, it provides supports such as consultations, lawsuit assistances, etc. to city employees, and develop strategies to prevent lawsuits. It is hoped the decreased number of lawsuits and full supports for city employees will boost team cohesion and morale.