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“Fun Taipei - the Exhibition of Interactive Installations” Turned the Entire City into a Fun Park

The “Fun Taipei - Exhibition of Interactive Installations,” (hereafter referred to as “the Exhibition”) organized by the Research, Evaluation and Development Commission, Taipei City Government, is open to the public on October 25, 2014 through December 14, 2014. The Exhibition is located at the badminton hall of the old Air Force Headquarters (Section 3 of Ren’ai Road.)

The Exhibition offers visitors to experience all of Taipei’s proudest attractions in one visit. Invited by the REDC, the design team of the exhibit at the Pavilion of Dreams of the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo, exerted their talents again for this Exhibition. They cleverly combined arts and technologies together to transform many of Taipei’s unique charms into a variety of interactive sound and light mechanical art installations, including Taipei 101, yummy food at night markets, green boulevards, Taipei Metro, 1999 Citizens’ Hotline, YouBike, the “Keep Trash Off the Ground” program, etc. Not only do visitors have fun with the displays incorporating many interesting elements such as hands-on experience, spinning, lighting, projections, etc., they are also impressed with the design team’s extraordinary portrayal of Taipei as a pleasant city to live in.

The most eye-catching interactive installation in the Exhibition is the 7-meter-high “rotating cake.” It looks like a delicious multi-layered cake or a carousel, carrying on the top is Taipei citizens’ “daily happiness,” like YouBike, Taipei Metro, Calla Lily of Yangmingshan, Panda Yuan Zai of Taipei Zoo, floating dumplings, etc. In addition to the “rotating cake,” the giant phone is another super-size interactive installation. Visitors can press the buttons to listen to the interesting requests the call representatives of the 1999 Citizen Hotline received in the past. Nearby the giant phone sits a small theater, playing the story how the call representatives overcame the challenges they encountered. Another device in the Exhibition allowing visitors to create a crime scene by using the setting on the site. If switched to the digital surveillance screen, it also offers the virtual experience of tracking down a thief who is committing a crime.

The Exhibition also gives visitors a taste of Taipei’s food and drink scene. Visitors are encompassed by coffee aroma when sitting in giant coffee cups. Moreover, three virtual dining tables are set up at one corner of the Exhibition. By way of projection technology, different signature dishes of the night markets in Taipei are “put” on the tables. It also creates the telepresence of different cooking methods, such as steam, boil, stir fry, fry, etc.

For the first two weekends (October 25 and 26, and November 1 and 2), the Organizer held a special event in the Exhibition -- “Sharing my love for Taipei.” Visitors were invited to check in on their Facebook at the “Sharing my love for Taipei” counter located at the exit. By checking-in on Facebook, becoming a Line friend of Taipei City Government, or saying “I love Taipei” out loud, people can participate the draw game to win gifts, such as vouchers for the Sweetme Hotspring Resort, Thousand Years Banquet of the Ningxia Night Market, and hundreds of little gifts prepared by Taipei City Government.

“Fun Taipei: the Exhibition of Interactive Installations” welcomes everyone to come and enjoy a free journey of the city’s fun and passion. The Exhibition opens at 10 am-5pm every day from October 25 through December 14, 2014. Free shuttles to the Exhibition site are available at the Exit 2 of Taipei Metro Zhongxiao Fuxing Station. It departs every 15 minutes from 10am to 6pm.