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Announcement for the name list of the 7th Taipei City Youth Commission

To facilitate, promote, and expand youth involvement in youth policies, the Taipei City Youth Commission was founded on September 1st, 2015. The establishment of the Commission aimed to create a youth development blueprint with the help of various voices of society through an open platform. The ten youth committee members of the 7th Taipei Youth Commission were selected and reviewed from a pool of applications submitted online by an independent recruitment board assembled by the Taipei City Government. The youth committee members of the 7th Taipei City Youth Commission would include Ssu-Han Wang, Yi-Sian Huang, Meng-Yu Kuo, Chen-Yao Lai, Ya-Shen Tang, Hung-Chi Chung, Po-Lin Ke, Chen-Hung Chiang, Hsueh-Wen Chao, and Ko Ching Lin. In addition to the ten youth committee members, three experts/professional committee members are Chia-An Lin, Shih-En Chou, and Yu-Hsuan Liu.
The chairman of the Taipei City Youth Commission will be filled in by the mayor. One of the two deputy chairmen of the commission, Consultant Ling-Yu Hsiao of the major office, is appointed by the major, while the other deputy chairman, Dr. Li-Min Hsu of the National Taiwan University Hospital, was appointed by the recruitment board. The Taipei City Government would be represented in the commission by Commissioner Yi-Ting Liu of the Department of Information and Tourism, Commissioner Tsung-Hsiung Tsai of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Commissioner Tsan-Chin Tseng of the Department of Education, Commissioner Chung-Chieh Lin of the Department of Economic Development, and Commissioner Yu-Hsiu Chou of the Department of Social Welfare. The 7th Taipei City Youth Commission would have a total of 21 members, with a one-year term that is unpaid. 
The Taipei City Youth Commission would be able to integrate the ideas and opinions from the city government, youth leaders, and professionals across different arenas. The help and input from committee members in the past years have shown to be not only beneficial and productive for laying out and implementing new public policies, but also a more creative and flexible approach to topics such as social housing for youth, traveling, job seeking, and urban aesthetics, etc. The new incoming committee members would be able to contribute and continue to impel the development of Taipei City.