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Taipei Citizen Participation Committee Is Recruiting New Committee Members Welcome to Join Us to Make Taipei City a Better Place to Live

The Sixth Taipei Citizen Participation Committee Is Calling for New Committee Members Online

Submit Your Application (in Chinese): https://reurl.cc/V5L7kA

In order to carry out Mayor Ko Wen-je’s political ideal of open government and public participation, Taipei Citizen Participation Committee is calling for candidates for new committee members with diverse expertise online starting from 9 am of November 2, 2021 to 9am of November 22, 2021.  It is open to those who are into public affairs and at least 18 years old with expertise or practical experience in law, cultural heritage preservation, social movement, open data, science, technology and society (STS), community development, urban planning, and civic engagement.  We welcome citizens who are interested in public affairs to self-nominate online to participate in the selection of committee members and work with the Taipei City Government team to strengthen policy making of Taipei City through citizen participation.

Taipei Citizen Participation Committee has committee members of 21 to 25.  The chairperson is held by the mayor.  There are 2 deputy chairpersons, one of whom is the deputy mayor appointed by the mayor and the other is selected from the external committee members.  The internal committee members include the commissioner of the Department of Civil Affairs, Department of Education, Department of Transportation, Department of Social Welfare, Department of Urban Development, Department of Information Technology, Department of Legal Affairs, and Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics.  In addition to the 12 external recruited committee members, 3 scholars or independent community representatives would be appointed as the external committee members.  Committee members serve a term of one year, which is renewable after re-delegated and acting without pay. 

The committee members attend quarterly committee meetings and the monthly task force meetings of citizen participation, open data and data mining, and participatory budgeting.  Committee members provide professional advice from the public participation perspective based on their own experience and expertise to assist in promoting and implementing citizen participation in Taipei City.

Citizen participation is one of the key driving forces for Taipei City to move forward.  There are many issues being raised and discussed in the Taipei Citizen Participation Committee meetings including urban planning, community development, cultural heritage preservation review, infrastructure, open data, and participatory budgeting.  With the efforts of the successive members since 2015, the committee has gradually improved and refined the mechanism of public participation in Taipei City through exchanging views of diverse perspectives and approaches.  We sincerely welcome all of you to submit your application for this recruitment and work with us to bring a better future for Taipei City.