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Public Opinion Poll Results Show Support for Taipei City’s Roads Quality

64% are satisfied with the overall road quality 
According to the poll conducted by the Taipei City Government RDEC (Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission), up to 64% of the poll respondents were satisfied and 29% were dissatisfied with the overall roads quality of Taipei. Regarding the road quality near the residence, the survey results are comparable: 73% are pleased about it, while 24% are not. However, the COVID-19 pandemic probably affects the willingness to take public transportation. Only Fifty-one percent of the people use green transportation (MRT, bus, taxi, bicycle, and walking) when they go out, down by 6 percentage points compared with the previous year. Forty-eight percent prefer to use private motorized transportation (private vehicles, locomotives), increasing by 5 percentage points.

Taipei City RPIC remains the 24/7/365 service
Although only 14% of the people know that the city has established a Road & Pipeline Information Center, 76% believe that there have been few or almost no repeated excavations in the past three months, and nearly 50% believe that the situation of repeated excavations in Taipei City has improved. The survey results show that the public maintain a positive feeling about the relevant policies of the Taipei City Government's promotion of road quality improvement and unified road excavation.

People under 30 prefer HELLO TAIPEI while the elder prefer hotline
In addition, the RDEC of Taipei City Government  also conducted a survey on the issues of the single reporting system "HELLO TAIPEI" and the "1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline". If something is reported to the city government, 60% of the people prefer (prioritize) to use the "1999" while twenty-five percent would like to use "HELLO TAIPEI" (with priority). Those under 30 prefer to use the Simple Petition System, and those over 40 prefer 1999. Without prompting for options and checking, 605 people who did not want to give priority to using HELLO TAIPEI were mainly because it was more convenient to call directly (50%), did not know this service (22%), and did not use the Internet (19%) and want to interact with service personnel (16%). 256 people who do not want to use the 1999  first are mainly due to the convenience of Internet operation (58%) and trouble making calls ( 40%), the written expression is relatively complete (23%).
The household telephone survey in November 109 was conducted in the evening of November 30 to December 2, 2020. 1,006 Taipei citizens over the age of 18 were successfully interviewed, and 796 people refused to answer. With 95% confidence interval, the sampling error is within 3.09 percentage points. The survey method uses the residential telephone in Taipei City as the matrix, and conducts a systematic sampling survey of random telephone substitutions with two mantissas, and weights the samples with gender, age, and household registration as weighting variables.