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COVID-19 Reduces 88% of Taipei Citizens’ Willingness to Participate in Large Events

31% are aware of 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival 
It was the first time the Taipei Lantern Festival (hereinafter referred to the Festival) took place in two main venues with two main lanterns. However, according to the latest poll conducted by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Taipei City Government, visitor numbers to the Festival drop this year (2020) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only 31% of the 1,141 respondents know the 2020 Festival was held on both the west side (Ximending and Beimen) and east side (Nangang Station and Nanxing Park) of Taipei. In addition, 88% express their willingness to participate in large or indoor events are affected by the pandemic; only 7% is not affected at all.

70% is satisfied with the Festival
70% of the 74 respondents visiting the Festival on the west side are satisfied with the Festival, while about 60% of the 16 respondents visiting the Festival in the east side are. Among all respondents visiting the Festival, 66% went to the venue by green transportation; 76% like the main lanterns; 92% are happy with the transportation control of the surrounding areas; 65% shopped in the areas.

The first time live streaming of the Festival attracts 1.24-million views 
Visitor numbers to the Festival decrease by 20%-30% compared to the Festival last year, according to the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government. However, in response to the pandemic, a creative participation option -- live steaming is offered for people interested in the Festival. In addition to Mayor Ko, several web celebrities, Travel Taipei also join the live streaming. The Festival also collaborates with LIVEIT – 17, so those not able to visit in person can enjoy the Festival online. The Festival live stream attracts approximately 1.24-million viewers in total.

64% are satisfied with public works
The poll also asks people’s opinions on public works. 64% of the respondents are satisfied with public works of Taipei City, while 18% are not. For the question further asking opinions on related policies and planning (a multiple-answer question with no hints), 47% are dissatisfied with the policies and planning, 44% with the construction management, and 40% with road conditions and pedestrian spaces. It is also found, with a cross analysis, the most unsatisfactory are probably the Taipei Dome, pedestrian arcades, traffic line markings and signs, road quality, etc. 
The poll is based on telephone interviews conducted in the evenings of February 24 through February 26, 2020, successfully interviewing 1,141 people living in Taipei and aged 18 or older (834 refused participation). The telephone numbers are randomly selected from residential numbers in Taipei City. The margin of sampling error is ±2.9% with a 95% confidence level. The responses are weighted by age, gender and household registration.