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Control Yuan Members Visited Taipei City Government to Conduct Circuit Supervision

The Control Yuan members (hereinafter referred to as “CY members”) Ming-tsang Chiang and Yueh-der Lee, and circuit supervision secretaries visited Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as “TCG”) to conduct circuit supervision today (October 8, 2018).
CY members and secretaries saw Mayor Ko in the morning, and subsequently attended a meeting presided by Deputy Mayor Chia-ji Teng. In the meeting, the policies and arrangements of the TCG for responding to natural disaster and climate change (such as public transportation system, disaster relief resources, water drainage, etc.) are presented. The circuit supervision continued in the afternoon at the kindergarten affiliated to Taipei Municipal Xinhu Elementary School in Neihu District. Besides listening to the report on the implementation of Taipei City child care service policies and the establishment of Taipei City social safety net, they also exchange opinions with the teachers and staff of the school. 
The Control Yuan conducts circuit supervision in order to review local governance. The CY members and the circuit supervision secretaries gave TCG several advices and encouraged TCG to make continuous improvements.