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The Results of July Opinion Poll regarding Flower Season Events, Taipei Film Festival, etc.

Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Taipei City Government conducted a poll in July to learn about people’s opinions on “Taipei Flower Season events,” “Taipei Film Festival,” “awareness of cultural venues” and “Taipei residents’ senses of honor.” The results are as follows. 
【Taipei Flower Season Events】 
The poll results indicate 48% of the respondents know about the flower season events held by Taipei City Government. Among the 608 respondents who know about the activities, 47% participated in the activities over the past year. In other words, about a quarter of the 2.2 million Taipei residents over18 years old visited at least one of the flower season events. Among all events, the three most known and popular participation events are “Yangmingshan Flower Festival,” “Zhuzihu Calla Lilly Festival,” and “C.K.S. Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show.” Tulip Festival and Hydrangea Festival are also popular. 
   Respondents’ preferences and participation for the events are affected by their ages, household locations, etc. For instance, over-50-year-old respondents have the highest participation; respondents living in Neihu District know more about LOHAS Night Cherry Blossom Festival. These data are useful for future promotion of the events to target at certain groups such as neighborhood residents and young people.
    In regard to satisfaction, 48% of the respondents are satisfied with the flower season events, and only 8% are not. Further with a cross analysis, those who visited at least one of the events has higher satisfaction (79%). In addition, for the relating arrangement of the events, the most dissatisfied are event promotion and transportation, which Taipei City Government will make improvement in the future.
【Taipei Film Festival】 
Among the 1,259 respondents, 34% know about the 21st Taipei Film Festival. For the channels they learn about the festival, the top three are TV commercials (electronic media) (37%), internet (33%) and social media (15%). As to overall satisfaction, 43% are satisfied while 9% are not.  
The result also shows a significant difference between age groups. For instance, the group of 18-19 years old and 30-39 years old have the highest awareness. More than 50% of the respondents in both age groups are aware of the festival; following by the group of 20-29 years old (43%; statistical errors are possible here because it is commonly agreed that people in this age group shall have high awareness of the film festival.) Differences are also shown in satisfaction ratings. The satisfaction rating is 43% for all respondents while it is as high as 74% for those 18 to 39 years old and know about the festival.            
【Awareness of Cultural Venues】 
26% of the 1,259 respondents know about Taipei Music Center in Nangang District; and, 41% for Taipei Performing Arts Center in Shilin District. The cross analysis further found the aforementioned two venues are the most known to respondents living in the districts where the venues are located, and following by those living in the adjacent districts. For instance, 75% of respondents living in Shilin District know about Taipei Performing Arts Center, and 70% in Beitou District, Shilin’s neighboring district. These statistical results will be used for the promotion strategies and plans in the future. 
The July poll ends with a question asking if the respondents are proud of living in Taipei City. 72% of them give positive answers. It ranks No. 4 among similar polls conducted in recent years, losing to Taipei Lantern Festival, Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade and the demolition of Zhongxiao Bridge ramp. 
The poll is based on telephone interviews conducted in the evenings of May 29 through July 31, 2019, interviewing 1,259 people living in Taipei and aged 18 or older. The telephone numbers are randomly selected from residential numbers in Taipei City. The margin of sampling error is ±2.76% with a 95% confidence level.