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Researches by City Employees Made Available to the Pubic

Has it ever occurred to you that government agencies publish many interesting books and dull statistics may be transformed into professional theses? In order to share administration experiences and for people to understand municipal issues better, Mayor Ko has been encouraging city employees to submit papers to professional journals. In addition, he makes all the data city employees used for their published papers and books available to the public at the Research & Development Results Web to achieve the goal of open data.
In 2016, Taipei City Government amended “Guidelines Governing Incentive Rewards for Taipei City Government Employees Publishing Journal Articles and Books,” in hoping to encourage city employees to combine research with practical experiences, increase administrative efficiency and experience sharing, and strengthen the communication between academia and the govement. For the papers and books concerning municipal issues published by city employees in 2016 and 2017, the judging committee select 7 papers and 7 books to give the award.
According to the statistics of Taipei City Government, there are a total of 916 journals articles and 69 books (not all of them discuss municipal issues) by city employees in 2015 and 2016. In order for the general public and researcher to have more understandings and enable them to find city employees’ research faster, information regarding above-mentioned articles and books, such as titles, authors, publication years, abstracts (full contents not provided due to copyright restrictions), are made available at the “Researches by City Employees” section of the Research & Development Results Web. Besides demonstrating city employees’ research capabilities, it is also meant to provide people related information and references for researches.
“Researches by City Employees” at the Research & Development Results Web (contents in Chinese):http://rdnet.taipei.gov.tw/xDCM/TPE_user/self_research_search.jsp