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The Results of November 2019 Opinion Poll regarding Road Quality and Smoking Bans

【24% increase of satisfaction for road quality】
According to the poll conducted in November 2019 by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Taipei City Government, respondents’ satisfaction for the road quality of Taipei City significantly increases. 66% is satisfied with the overall quality, while 27% is not. Comparing to the poll conducted in November 2017, the satisfaction increases by 24%. In addition, for the road quality of their neighborhood, 71% is pleased about it, while 26% is not. The satisfaction is a 10% rise in contrast to the November 2016 poll. 
Regarding the Taipei City Road and Pipeline Information Center, only 13% of the respondents know about it, but 77% agree that there are very few or almost none of repeated road excavation and repairing, and nearly 50% think it has been improved. The result shows that people are positive about responsible departments’ policy measures on road improvement and unified management of road repairing.
【Measures improving road quality are recognized】
The New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government notes that several policy measures have been implemented since 2015 to continuously improve road quality. The measures includes daily road quality inspection using vehicles equipped with GPS devices, prioritizing the quality enhancement of roads with poor subgrade, such as increasing road flatness and reducing the number of manholes; establishing a center for unified pipeline excavation and information management to organize all road constructions; implementing the “Taipei City Neighborhood Traffic Environment Improvement Program” to enhance the quality of roads narrower than 8 meters; using permeable paving materials for road repaving to reduce the urban heat island effect; new construction materials and methods at the right time and place.
【Over 70% support the set-up of smoking areas】
The November 2019 poll also includes issues about non-smoking spaces. 85%of the respondents know the outdoor smoking ban for the surrounding areas of schools, hospitals, stations, etc.; 65% know the ban is also applied to 15 chain coffee shops and convenient stores; 72% agree while 22% disagree to set up smoking areas outside public places such as commercial buildings, government buildings, hotels, department stores, etc. Among the 87 respondents who smoke, 91% are supportive of the policy. 
The poll is based on telephone interviews conducted in the evenings of November 25-27, 2019, successfully interviewing 1,101 people living in Taipei and aged 18 or older (677 people refused participation). The telephone numbers are randomly selected from residential numbers in Taipei City. The margin of sampling error is ±2.95% with a 95% confidence level. The responses are weighted by age, gender and household registrations.