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Public Opinion Poll Result Conducted in May 2021

55% Satisfied with Annual Floral Events & 45% Visited a Hiking Trail 

According to the poll conducted in May 2021 by the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission(RDEC) of the Taipei City Government, 56% of the respondents were aware that Taipei hosts flower festivals annually, and 56% of them were satisfied with the event. Most of the respondents have either heard of or participated in the Yang Ming Shan Flower Festival, Calla Lily and Hydrangea Festival, Shilin Residence Chrysanthemum Show, or the Shilin Residence Tulip Show, with an awareness level between 28% to 45%, and participation rate between 13% to 21%. In addition, 34% of the respondents have hiking as a habit, and 45% of the respondents have visited hiking trails in Taipei City in the past year. 

55% were satisfied with annual floral events hosted by the city government
According to the public opinion poll, 56% of the respondents were aware of at least one of the floral events, which is 8% higher compared to the previous survey in July 2019. 55% of the respondents were satisfied with flower festivals, 38% did not have a comment, and only 6% were unsatisfied. The overall satisfaction rate for respondents who are aware or have participated in the flower festivals was 76%, which is 7% higher than the previous survey.

45% have visited a hiking trail in Taipei in the past year
Out of the respondents, 34% have a picking habit, including 15% having routine routes, 19% preferring different routes, and 65% not having a hiking habit. Out of the 363 habit hikers, 28% hiked at least once a week, and 60% hiked at least once a month. In the past year, 45% of the respondents have visited a hiking trail in Taipei, which is 12% higher than the previous survey conducted in April 2015. Popular trails include the Elephant Mountain Trails(46%),  Yang Ming Shan Trails(24%), Zhuzihu Trails(23%), Zhongyongshan, and Dagou River Trails(16%), and the Jiantan Mountain Trail(16%). Respondents who have visited hiking trails in Taipei had a satisfaction rate of 87%, which is 8% higher than the previous survey. According to the public option poll, 17% of the respondents were aware of the Taipei Grand Trail event, while 83% were unaware. Out of the 178 respondents who were aware, 37% have been to at least one of the trails, and 61% of them were hikers that preferred different routes.  

Opinion Poll Background Information
This research was conducted during the evenings from May 5th, 2021 until May 6th, 2021, respondents were randomly selected and reached on residential landline numbers registered in Taipei City. Overall, 1,066 Taipei citizens over the age of 18 were successfully interviewed, while 871 rejected the interview; and under a 95% confidence interval, the margin of sampling errors is under ±3.02%.