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Public Opinion Poll Result Conducted in October 2021 46% of Citizens Prioritizes Cashless Payments, while 53% stills Prefers Cash

According to the public opinion poll conducted by the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission(RDEC) of the Taipei City Government, when all payment options are available, 53% of the respondents prioritizes cash payments, 27% uses credit cards, 13% uses mobile payment (Electronic payments, third-party payments, and mobile payments), and 6% uses electronic ticketing cards. Overall, 46% of respondents prioritize cashless payments methods, while 53% of respondents stills prefer cash. 

Out of the 1,003 respondents, 85% of the respondents have a cashless payment account or card, while 15% of respondents did not have any. Out of the 848 respondents that have set up cashless payments, 94% of them have used it in the past year, approximately accounting for 79% of the total respondents. When multiple methods could be selected, the use of credict cards ranks first with 83%. More than 60% of the respondents are willing to use cashless payments in different settings, but less than 10% of the respondents are willing to use cashless payments in night markets and traditional markets.

Out of the 799 respondents that have used cashless payments in the past year, 47% of them use it on a weekly basis, 21% indicated their usage depends on the situation. Around 30% of the transaction amounts were under NTD $500, 48% were under NTD $1,000, and 47% indicated that most transactions were paid with cashless payments, and 41% indicated cash payments still occupied most transactions. 

When it comes to the respondent’s experience and willingness of using cashless payment in city government activities, among 1,003 respondents, about 13% have used cashless payments, 15% have not, and 70% have not participated in city government activities. However, 62% of the respondents would possibly use cashless payments in the future, and 28% would most likely remain with cash payments. Respondents that have participated in city government activities but have not used and does not plan to use cashless payments have indicated that they are not used to cashless payment(35%、48%), simply prefers cash(22%、31%). In addition, another reason for not using cashless payments at city government activities is because the platforms it accepts does not match the user’s platform.

Opinion Poll Background Information
This research was conducted during the evenings from October 25th, 2021 until October 28th, 2021, respondents were randomly selected and reached on residential landlines numbers registered in Taipei City. The landline numbers are selected by changing and randomizing the last two digits of the number. Overall, 1,003 Taipei citizens over the age of 18 were successfully interviewed, while 981 rejected the interview; and under a 95% confidence interval, the margin of sampling errors is under ±3.09%.