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Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program Starting on December 1st Face mask required to enter eight types of venues

In accordance with the Central Epidemic Command Center’s (CECC) Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program, the Taipei City Government would begin enforcement of face masks starting the 1st of December. Citizens are required to wear masks in eight types of public venues, including the following, healthcare facilities, public transportations, places of consumption, education/learning locations, sports and exhibition venues, entertainment venues/events, religious and worship places, offices, and business venues. Violators who refuse to comply after warning could be penalized between NTD $3000 to NTD $15,000 by local authorities according to Item 6, Article 37 of the Communicable Disease Control Act. 
According to the CECC’s announcement regarding community prevention measures, the Taipei City Government would require all front-line employees to wear a mask while on duty in order to safeguard the health and wellness of our employees and visitors. The Taipei City Government would like to kindly remind all citizens wearing a mask would be mandatory when entering locations within the eight types of venues. If there are citizens that are unwilling to cooperate with such measures after multiple requests by authorities, venues operating under the Taipei City Government would refuse entry to individuals, and public transportation serves would refuse carriage. If citizens attempt to forcefully enter without wearing a mask, penalties/tickets would be filed according to law.   Under dining occasions, citizens would be allowed to take off their masks if social distances are maintained or blocking devices are emplaced. Therefore, Senior citizen care centers would continue to serve meals under enforced social distancing measures, and personal utensils would be prioritized. In terms of public markets, night markets, and other crowded locations, the Taipei City Government would enforce measures to encourage and promote citizens to wear a mask. 

The goal of such measures is not to penalize citizens, it is for the greater good and health of all Taiwanese citizens while combating COVID-19. As the situation in the international world continues to escalate, it is the mission and duty of the Taipei City Government to maintain a healthy living condition for all citizens by enforcing such measures. In order to guard and continue our outstanding results in combating the coronavirus up until this point, support and help from all citizens would be unavoidable. The Taipei City government would cooperate with CECC's policy and operations in disease prevention and would like to urge all citizens to maintain personal hygiene by washing their hands frequently and wearing a mask.