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Taipei City Youth Commission Members Visited Jiankan and Dongming Public Housing Complexes

Mayor Ko has been paying significant attention to young peoples’ housing needs since his first term and is determined to “make Taipei a livable and sustainable city,” one of the goals of the Taipei City strategy map. Accordingly, Taipei City Government has been trying to help young people solve the problem by building and promoting public housing. In order for the Youth Commission members to have a profound understanding of municipal issues and inspire their diverse and creative thinking, Taipei City Government arranges them to have a visit to Jiankang and Dongming public housing complexes (Hereinafter referred to as “Jiankang Complex” and “Dongming Complex” respectively) on October 20, 2019. Their ideas and thoughts are expected to be incorporated into future development and services of public housing.
Jiankan Complex, located at the heart of Songshan District, initiated the project “Social Housing for Youth Innovation” (hereinafter referred to as “the Project”) in 2017. Young people are invited to submit community-service proposals to exchange for free housing. They can apply individually or as a team with plans using their expertise or strength to give back to communities. The applicants selected by the review board will be offered housing in Jiankang Complex without participating in the random draw. The Project has been implemented for about 14 months and has approved 32 applicants so far. It demonstrates young people are positive and proactive about having a platform to make contributions to the society, and care for and interact with others. They look beyond their own housing needs and are capable of finding resources by themselves and making good use of their expertise to carry out plans. They have great potentials in helping improve and create values for the public housing of Taipei City.
Jiankang Complex also organizes activities to foster young people’s creativity and innovation. A total of 283 events haven been held so far, including handcraft, arts, creativity, family fun, etc. It is the result of more than 4,500-hour devotion and have attracted more than 5,000 participants. 
Dongming Complex, located in Nangang Distract, also releases 35 apartments for the Project and has announced to receive applications. The same as the Jiankang Complex, selected applicants do not need to participate in the random draw. They can move in directly. 
The visiting Youth Committee members agree with and support the public housing policy. In addition, they find the Project not only solves young people’s housing problems but also encourage them to share their life and expertise. It also realizes the ideas of resource sharing and community building. City staff’s diligent effort has successfully turn people’s attitude for public housing from “not in my back yard” to “yes in my back yard.”