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“HELLO TAIPEI”- Taipei City Simple Petition System Invites Citizens to Sign Up

     “HELLO TAIPEI” – Taipei City Simple Petition System (hereafter referred to as the “Simple Petition System,”) integrating “City Affairs Mailbox”, “1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline,” and information counters at or phone inquiry services by all agencies of the Taipei City Government, is intended for the public to submit their petitions and to supervise government agencies’ response efficiency. The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission makes sure Taipei City staff promptly answer the requests filed at the Single Petition System to improve the services for the public. 
Taipei City Government encourage citizens to use the Single Petition System for any questions or requests they have. It is convenient and quick. Download “HELLO TAIPEI” App to your smartphone or visit the web version, hello.gov.taipei. Tell us your opinion to help make Taipei a better city.