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Mayor, AIPH President Announced the Participation of 31 Nations at the Flora Expo

The President of International Association of Horticulture Producers (AIPH) Doeke Faber joined Mayor Hau Lung-bin at a press conference at city hall on July 14. They announced that as of June, 31 nations have confirmed their participation in the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition.
Officials from seven foreign representative offices in Taipei – Netherland, Greece, Oman, Jordan, United States, Palau and Philippine – appeared the event, showing their support for the upcoming expo. Young kindergarten kids holding the flags of participating countries served as the one-day spokespersons at the event, shouting “Welcome to Taipei” in front of the camera.
Speaking to AIPH officials and journalists, Hau remarked that in addition to the confirmed participants (59 cities and 86 organizations), the city government also extended invitations to the representatives from AIPH member countries, foreign governments, and horticulture companies, hoping to attract even more foreign participants.
With the involvement of these international participants, tourists will have a chance to enjoy garden landscapes reflecting different philosophies and styles, such as Netherlands’s eco-friendly gardens, Greece’s imitations of ancient relics, and Palau’s courtyard with a waterfall backdrop. During the 171-day-long exhibition period, these international horticulture masterpieces will be on display at Global Garden Area, Pavilion of Future, and Expo Dome.
According to the mayor, constructions for the majority of Flora Expo venues have been completed. Local exhibitors have moved in to furnish the exhibition venues. International exhibitors will also begin work on their respective areas by the end of July.
Faber arrived in Taipei on July 12 to inspect the progress of preparations and construction works of the Flora Expo. The president of AIPH said he is impressed with the beautiful appearance of the venues and the designs seeking to integrate the concepts of environmental protection. He is fully convinced that Taipei City will hold a successful Flora Expo.