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“Ever-changing Riverbanks, Cheerful Taipei” Project Won the 7th Government Service Quality Award by the Executive Yuan

Beating off competition from 174 government agencies nationwide, Taipei City Government won the 7th Government Service Quality Awards for the project of “Riverside Splendor Redefined – Ever-changing Riverbanks, Cheerful Taipei.” The Government Service Award, established by the Executive Yuan, recognizes excellent government services in the country. After years of endeavor, Taipei City Government was applauded for the accomplishment in bringing Taipei citizens 6 riverside parks of different themes and 112 kilometers of bike lanes with well-rounded services.

In order to enhance and diversify the recreational function of riverside parks, and encourage the public to come closer to rivers, the Pubic Works Department, Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as “the PWD”) redecorated the riverside parks with different themes incorporating distinctive community elements. Keeping the ecological conservation in mind and setting out to provide the best service, the PWD created environmentally friendly places for the public to run, bike, camp, play balls, enjoy flowers, walk dogs, etc. Moreover, the PWD prepares hand crank trikes and four wheel bikes for physically challenged people and family visitors. With extensive and hearty services, Taipei City Government accomplishes the goal -- “Ever-changing Riverbanks, Cheerful Taipei.”

The transformed riverside parks have become a popular recreation destination for people and a pleasant home for riverside organisms. As a result, Taipei was ranked the best in the categories of “Barrier Free Environment” and “Healthy City” respectively for the 5th and 6th Taiwan Awards for Healthy Cities and Senior Friendly Cities. Additionally, in 2016, Taipei was honored to be the first Asian city to host the Velo-City Global. It was a successful marketing event for Taipei, impressing the world with the constantly improved cycling environment,.

The Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, Taipei City Government indicates that the versatile innovative services by the PWD speak well for the essential goals of the Government Service Quality Award -- “commitment for service satisfaction” and “innovative and integrated services.” With the ever-improving water conservancy construction, the PWD will continue to enhance and diversify the function of riverside parks. It is the mission of the PWD to provide the public a high quality service promising safety, efficiency, and green environment; and take Taipei further to become a world-class city embracing rivers, humanities, science and technology.