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Taiwan Homerun to Leave for 2010 Beep Baseball World Series

Mayor Hau Lung-bin presented a flag to the visually impaired athletes of Taiwan Homerun during a flag presentation ceremony at the city council on July 28.
Taiwan Homerun, a local beep baseball team which had won three Beep Baseball World Series, will be taking part in the upcoming 2010 Beep Baseball World Series organized by the National Beep Baseball Association in August.
The mayor praised the members of Taiwan Homerun for their determination and hard work. He noted that the team is often seen practicing in the fields of the Taipei Municipal Stadium. It takes a lot of effort for visually impaired players to hit the ball or to catch it in the fields, noted Hau. He added that it is hard to imagine the amount of individual training and teamwork it takes to compete in games.
According to the mayor, the members of the team all have their own career. There are engineers, massage workers, tuners, financial advisors, and more. The members not only excel in their professions, they are also avid players who take part in international tournaments to fight for the honor of Taiwan.
The first Beep Baseball World Series was held in 1975. A beep baseball team consists of both visually impaired and sighted players, with the latter serving as pitchers, catchers, and spotters. As of date, there are over 400 beep baseball teams in the United States.