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Taipei and New Taipei Collaborate for Resource Sharing and Policy Consistency

The 2020 mayor meeting for the Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchanges Platform (hereinafter referred to as “the Taipei-New Taipei Platform”) was held in Taipei City Hall today (March 26, 2020). Presided over by Taipei Mayor Wen-je Ko and New Taipei Mayor Yu-Ih Hou, the meeting reviewed the progress and results of the collaborative projects one by one. In addition, issues and possible collaborations regarding COVID-19 pandemic were discussed in the meeting.

The Platform so far has successfully pushed for 144 projects in total since 2015. 113 projects have been completed and 31 are still ongoing. The meeting closely went through the ongoing projects to ensure the progress. Mayor Ko remarked that the Taipei-New Taipei Platform has several substantial achievements lately. For example, the launching of the MRT Circular Line, and the demolishing of the Zhongzheng Bridge access ramp and Chongqing South Road Viaduct, etc., which are the results of Taipei-New Taipei’ collaborative efforts in the past few years. He also hoped that the collaboration will continue to facilitate better policy implementation, so the residents of both cities can feel that Taipei and New Taipei is one living circle.

In addition, the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has been rising globally. It is impossible for Taiwan to stand apart. Mayor Ko noted that because of the frequent interactions and exchanges between Taipei and New Taipei, the two cities has become one community sharing the same destiny. Therefore, the city governments must work side by side in order to minimize the impact and protect city residents’ health.

For the measures to control COVID-19, a common strategic goal has been set – “Collaboration, resource sharing and policy consistency.” The meeting identified 10 critical issues and exchanged opinions on corresponding collaborative projects. Five of them can be implemented immediately, such as “Sharing of SOP,” “Enhancing quality of COVID-19 control and strengthening the control procedures of hotels,” “Sharing of disaster management specialists’ experience on disease control planning,” “Vehicle system supporting COVID-19 control,” “Mechanism handling MRT passenger with a fever,” etc. In response to all related issues, the two municipalities will continue to work on more collaborative measures. It is expected that COVID-19 transmission will be effectively controlled by way of resource sharing.

May Ko and Mayor Hou hope the Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchanges Platform will be the most reliable safeguard for citizens’ health. The two municipalities always have city residents’ health and safety in mind and take actions based on the concepts of “team work, quick and prompt responses, proactive communication and collaborative COVID-19 control” to build a better future.

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