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Taipei Youth Affairs Committee is Recruiting New Youth Committee Members to Contribute to Public Affairs

Taipei Youth Affairs Committee is open for applications for youth committee members.  In order to implement Mayor Ko Wen-je’s philosophy on open government and public participation and to allow more young people to join Taipei City to strengthen social cohesion and deliberate the blueprint of youth development in Taipei City, we would like to invite youth of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to join us.  From now until 9:00 a.m. on August 16, 2021, the online application is opened to youth whose household registration is in Taipei City and interested in public affairs or having relevant professional knowledge and experience to submit your application for this recruitment.

Taipei Youth Affairs Committee has committee members of 15 to 21 including 1 Chairperson, held by the mayor, 2 Deputy Chairpersons, 3 to 5 city government administration representatives, 1 to 3 expert and scholar committee members, and 8 to 10 youth committee members with at least 3 current students who are between the age of 18 and 45 and can reflect the diverse opinions and viewpoints of the society.  Committee members serve a term of one year, which is renewable after re-delegated.  If a committee member's position becomes vacant, the vacancy will be appointed and serve until the end of the current tenure.  The committee meeting is held once every 3 months and the task force meetings may be held based on actual needs.

The selected youth committee members will be engaging the development of the comprehensive youth programs and related policies, including creating a favorable environment to youth employment and schooling; integrating various resources from the government and the private sector to promote the youth housing program; generating campaigns to encourage youth marriage and developing policy to refine childcare services; advising youth tourism and volunteer policy; strengthening the visionary and feasibility of the youth affairs policy development.

Youth is the key driving force for Taipei City to move forward.  Taipei Youth Affairs Committee is the joint effort among the government administration teams, youth leaders, and social elites to explore the needs of youth and shape policies through exchanging views from different perspectives and approaches.  It is a platform between the youth and the government to exchange opinions which can make public policies more comprehensive and bring vitality to governance.  Eventually, all the efforts can rejuvenate our Taipei City.  Welcome to join us!