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TCG Online Forum Launched with the First Open Discussion on BOT

On May 20, 2015, Taipei City Government Online Forum (hereinafter referred to as “the TCG Forum”) was announced officially open. The first issue for discussion, proposed by the Department of Finance, was the five myths about the BOT. The public can find the TCG Forum on Facebook by searching “Taipei City Government Online Forum” (in Chinese).

On the TCG Forum, everyone is welcome to express opinions and make suggestions about the topics brought up by the departments of Taipei City Government. For a topic initiated by the public, the responsible departments will process those hold explicit and concrete suggestions, requests and gains 500 likes. After processing, the departments will announce the result on the TCG Forum. The TCG Forum is another quick channel to collect people’s views, said the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (hereinafter referred to as “RDEC.”) It is intended to understand people’s thoughts and meet their needs more speedily and efficiently.

The TCG Forum was established to realize the political ideal of “open government and public participation.” It is hoped the internet resources will enable a more extensive collection of public opinions and encourage public participation and discussion on municipal policies. Every department of Taipei City Government can submit discussion topics to the TCG Forum for discussion before, in the middle or after the policy decision making. In addition, public opinions gathered from any platforms can be posted on the TCG Forum. It is believed the TCG Forum will allow the departments to understand people’s thoughts and meet their needs more promptly in policy decision making.

RDEC indicates that in order to prevent the discussion from losing focus, discussion topics on the TCG Forum are raised by the departments of Taipei City Government basing on their needs in communicating with the public. However, a visitor message board is also created on the TCG Forum for the public to voice their opinions or initiate discussions. If a subject carries concrete requests or suggestions, it will be forwarded to responsible departments for processing. Taipei City Government ensures every opinion on the TCG Forum is properly taken care of.

Taipei City Government Online Forum: https://goo.gl/z59JFi  (in Chinese)