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Public Opinion Poll Result Conducted in October 2020

The Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission of the Taipei City Government conducted an opinion poll from October 27th to October 29th , 2020 in regards to Nuit Blanche Taipei, the TaipeiPass APP, and the eases of restrictions on imported ractopamine-fed pork and beef.

【Nuit Blanche Taipei】
Out of the 1080 interviewees, 25% of them were aware that Nuit Blanche was hosted annually, and out of 274 of them, 71% were aware that Nuit Blanche Taipei would be hosted in Nangang this year. When asked about participation in the event, 6% attended Nuit Blache in 2020, and 21% have attended Nuit Blache in the past. 

【TaipeiPass APP】
In terms of the TaipeiPass APP, out of the 1080 interviewees, 24% of the interviewees were aware of the TaipeiPass APP, and out of the 261 interviewees that were aware of it, 26% of them claimed to have downloaded the APP. The TaipeiPass APP went online on September 14th, 2020, and in order for it to be commonly donated and used, the Taipei City Government is taking it to different parts of the city, including promoting the APP at university events and integrating the APP with concerts hosted at the Taipei Arena. In order to increase the awareness and penetration rate of the TaipeiPass APP, the promotion and integration of the TaipeiPass APP would continue to expand to different corners of Taipei. This would assist the Taipei City Government in providing convenient services to its citizens, and achieving a human-centered smart city. 

【Eases of Restrictions on Imported Ractopamine-fed Pork and Beef.】
Out of the 1080 interviewees, 92% of the interviewees were aware of such an event, 26% supported the ease of import restrictions, and 56% disagreed with the ease of import restrictions. In addition, 63% of the respondents out of 1080 interviewed were concerned that they may accidentally consume ractopamine-fed pork when dining out. Lastly, when interviewees were asked about their willingness to purchase meat-by-products after import restrictions are eased, 56% of interviewees have decreased interest, 28% remains the same, and 10% would choose to purchase products made from Taiwan pigs. 

【Opinion Poll Background Information】
This research was conducted during the evenings from October 27th to October 29th, 2020 respondents were randomly selected and reached on residential landlines numbers registered in Taipei City. Overall, 1,080 Taipei citizens over the age of 18 were successfully interviewed; and under a 95% confidence interval, the margin of sampling errors is within ±2.98%.