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Public Opinion Poll Result Conducted in January 2021

The Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission(RDEC) of the Taipei City Government conducted an opinion poll from January 25th, 2021 until January 28th, 2021 in regards to the New Year’s Eve Party, work environment, overtime work hours, and post-pandemic work condition. 

New Year’s Eve Party
Out of the 1,384 interviewees, 84% were aware that the New Year’s Eve Party was hosted in front of the Taipei City Hall, and 76% have participated in the event, either by attending the event in person, watching it on television, reading news reports, internet broadcasts, and replays. Overall, 55% of the interviewees were satisfied with the event, and 74% of the interviewees were satisfied with the pandemic prevention measures. 

Work Environment
Out of the 784 interviewees that are currently working, 87% of the interviewees are satisfied with their work environments, and out of the 708 employees, 67% of them are not concerned about their work, 31% have concerns about their work. The top three concerns that were mentioned by interviewees include insufficient salary 9%, worried about being laid off 5%, and stress on sales performance 4%. In terms of working hours, 19% believe the hours are too long, 77% believe the hours are just right. After cross-analysis, 40% of the interviewees that believed their work hours were too long are part of the education service industry. 

Overtime Work Hours
Out of the 708 non-employer interviewees, 48% worked overtime hours. After cross-analysis, 70% of the group worked in the education service industry. In addition, out of the 341 interviews that worked overtime hours, 35% had overtime hours between 1 to 2 hours. In addition, 62% of the group working overtime was able to receive overtime pay or compensatory time off, and out of the 28% that did not receive such benefits, 71% were due to their exempt employment status. 

Post-pandemic Work Condition
Out of the 1,384 interviewees, 16% of the interviewees’ work was affected, and 39% was not affected. Out of the 808 interviewees who had jobs in the past period, 19% had to work-from-home full-time or part-time, and 77% did not change work models. When interviewees were asked if the pandemic has affected their income, 30% of the interviewees were affected, and 70% were not affected. After cross-analysis, 67% of the employers and  79% of the self-employed faced a change in income, which was relatively higher compared to other groups. In addition, out of the income-affected group, interviewees working in either real-estate(62%), and or the arts, entertainment, and leisure service industry(60%) were more likely to be affected compared to other sectors. Lastly, when the 1,384 interviewees were asked about their outlook on Taipei's economy for the coming year., 22% believed it would improve, 40% believed it would worsen, and 20% believed that it would not change significantly.

Opinion Poll Background Information
This research was conducted during the evenings from January 25th, 2021 until January 28th, 2021, respondents were randomly selected and reached on residential landlines numbers registered in Taipei City. Overall, 1,384 Taipei citizens over the age of 18 were successfully interviewed; and under a 95% confidence interval, the margin of sampling errors is under ±2.63%.