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Greater Taipei Twin City Agreement For The Next Golden Ten Years

Taipei Mayor Lung-Bin Hau and New Taipei Mayor Eric Liluan Chu signed the Cooperation Agreement of the Greater Taipei Golden Twin Cities (hereinafter “the Agreement”) at the signing ceremony held at the Taipei City Hall on September 7, 2011.

After the forming of 5 special municipalities last year (2010), Taipei City and New Taipei City, with a population over 6 millions, find the best-ever opportunity to become a prominent international metropolis of the world. In hopes to realize this ambition and bring the next prosperous decade to the citizens, Mayor Hau and Mayor Chu initiated the benchmarking Greater Taipei Golden Twin Cities Plan and entered into the Agreement on September 7, 2011.

The Agreement enumerates 37 cooperation projects, focusing on cross-region issues and the enhancement of citizens’ daily convenience. It includes “Cooperation on Tamsui River Management,” “One-Hour-Commute Life Circle” “Integration of Real-time Traffic & Transit Information,” “North Taiwan Hi-Tech Corridor,” “Low-Carbon Twin Cities,” “E-Education Twin Cities,” “Cooperation on Disaster Prevention and Response,” “Integration of Guided City Tours” and etc. While the Agreement facilitates the experience exchanges and resource integration of the two city governments, the policies and citizen services are expected to be more well-rounded; in addition, the administration efficiency and effectiveness will also be remarkably enhanced.

The Cooperation Agreement of the Greater Taipei Golden Twin Cities ensures a solid foundation for Taipei and New Taipei to succeed amid the escalating global competition; and, in return, the citizens will enjoy more benefits and welfare.