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Poll by RDEC of Taipei City Government Shows Mayor Ko Wen-je’s Job Approval Rate at 57%

TVBS Poll Shows the Job Approval Rate of Mayor Ko Remaining at the Same Level Within the Margin of Error
The latest poll conducted by TVBS Poll Center between November 27 and December 18 of 2020 shows that Mayor Ko’s approval rating is at 35% and disapproval rating is at 39%.  Comparing with the 38% approval rate in the previous poll conducted in 2019, Mayor Ko’s approval rate drops by 3%.  The 2020 poll is successfully interviewing 907 people with the sampling error under ±3.25 percent.   It is within the margin of sampling error.

RDEC Poll Shows Mayor’s Satisfaction Rate Goes up by 3% Comparing With the September Result
The poll conducted by The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC) of Taipei City Government between December 14 and 17 of 2020 shows that Mayor Ko has 57% of job approval rating, 31% of job disapproval rating, and 12% of no opinions or do not know.  The latest approval rate goes up by 3% and disapproval rate goes down by 5%, compared with the previous poll conducted in September 2020, the approval rate at 54% and disapproval rate at 36%.  The poll from Taiwan Trends Research commissioned by Taipei City Government shows the approval rate at 47% and disapproval rate at 37%.

Taipei Ranked Among the Top Tier in Objective Indicators
Comparisons between different approval-ratings polls are not always apples to apples. The subjective evaluation is based on an individual's feeling and interpretation which can be varied due to the social economic background, the design of the survey, including the length of the questionnaire, the difficulty of the questions and the coverage of the issues, and even the changes over time.  All these can lead to various evaluations on objective achievements.  Therefore, Taipei City Government would accept all the public's comments and criticism.

It will be a more objective reflection of the status quo of Taipei City if analyzed by objective quantitative survey results.  Taipei City is often ranked among the top tier, for example, the "overall ranking" of Taipei City ranks 1st in the CommonWealth Magazine survey and 2nd in the Global Views Monthly survey both published in September 2020. Among them, the “overall ranking” and “culture and education” in the CommonWealth Magazine survey are at the No. 1 position for 6 consecutive years. “Economy and employment,” “education and culture,” and “medical and health” in the Global Views Monthly survey are also at top position.  “Local government finance” grows from the 4th in the previous year to the 1st this year.  However, there is still room for improvement in “public safety and fire protection” and “public security.”  After reviewing both surveys, it is obvious that the differences among the cities and counties are not easy to take into account by using the same evaluation standard because of the very different development scales and positioning. Taipei is a highly matured and developed city. The growth is much limited due to the high base period. Taking public security for example. Because of the high density and large floating population, the number of violation cases will be bigger. The city government has put forward efforts to investigate different crimes. Since Mayor Ko took office, all 943 major violent crimes have been solved (ranked number 1 in detecting the violent crimes).

Taipei City Government is always consistent toward the advice and comments from all the surveys--“correct if any mistake is made and keep a good record.” We will continue to pursue growth to keep good performance and review weak performance immediately to improve our work. In the future, the administration team of the city government will continue to adhere to this spirit to strive for perfection and to achieve the overall goal of building a more livable city.