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Taipei and New Taipei City Collaborate to Build a Better Future

The 7th deputy mayor meeting of the Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchange Platform (hereinafter referred to as “the Meeting”) was held in the Taipei City Hall today (August 8, 2018). Presided over by Taipei deputy mayor Chia-ji Teng and New Taipei deputy mayor Shu-chuan Lee, the Meeting reviewed the progress and results of the collaborative projects in the past few months.
The Platform so far has successfully pushed for 114 projects in total since 2015. 86 projects have been completed and 28 are still in progress. Many of the projects concern people’s lives in Greater Taipei and are aimed to create livable and sustainable city.   
“Politics is about people’s everyday lives.” Not only is it Mayor Ko’s belief, but it is also the goal Taipei City Government strives to achieve. Therefore, Mayor Ko pays a high attention to Taipei-New Taipei collaboration. By way of the Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchange Platform, he expects the two city government will eliminate the geographical boundary, increase administrative efficiencies and create shared values. In the past three years, two municipalities work closely together to find solutions for problems and integrate several collaborative projects regarding citizens’ needs, such as “Monthly Pass for Public Transportation,” “The Integration of Real-time Bus Information System,” “Rehabilitation and Habitat Restoration of Taipei Grass Frog” and “Feitsui Reservoir Water for Taipei and New Taipei City.” Taipei Water Department also devotes to replace the lead pipes in both cities and completes the replacement ahead of schedule. In addition to the aforementioned, two municipalities also work together on industrial and economic development, urban development, tourism, education and culture etc. They will continue to develop more collaborative projects concerning citizens’ lives in both cities.    
The Meeting reviewed the progress of existing collaborative projects. In addition, two municipalities reach a consensus to make a few projects that have reached the goals of current phases regular collaboration in the future, including “Sharing of Outdoor Teaching Resources,” “One Library Card for Taipei & New Taipei City Libraries,” “Joint Teaching Achievement Showcases of Arts and Dance Talent Programs in Primary and Junior High Schools” and “Residential Fire Prevention 2.0.”
In addition to collaborative efforts on the drinking water safety of Feitsui Reservoir, the radial subway network of Greater Taipei, and the upgrade of existing collaborative projects, Taipei City Government will expand the exchanges with New Taipei City. It is committed to develop more collaborative projects and integrate diverse resources to promise citizens of both cities a convenient living and a thriving future.