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Mayor Ko Has 60% Approval Rating after 3.5 Years in Office

A poll conducted in July 2018 by the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (hereinafter referred to as the RDEC) says 60% of the respondents approve Mayor Ko’s performance, while 28% disapprove. For the performance of Ko’s administration, 46% approve, 25% disapprove and 29% have no opinions. 
Among the policies Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as TCG) implemented, more than 50% of the respondents are pleased with environmental protection, public safety, Taipei City Hospital, cultural events, and transportation. The satisfaction rate for social welfare, public construction and elementary & secondary education is between 46% and 32%, which is under 50% but still higher than the percentage of the dissatisfaction. 
When asked about the service attitude and efficiency of TCG, most poll respondents give positive feedbacks. 77% approve of the attitude and 64% for the efficiency. The result reveals the majority of Taipei city residents recognize the quality of living in Taipei and TCG’s administrative efficiency. 
Another poll conducted in August investigates citizens’ shopping and food safety experiences at night markets, and consumption habits. The results show 31% of the respondents visit night markets at least once a month, while 36% do not visit night markets at all. In addition, 67% enjoy night markets, and food is the top reason they love to visit the markets (41%). As to the confidence for food safety, the percentage for those confident is tied with that for the opposite at 45%. Regarding the overall hygiene at the markets, 48% are happy with it, while 47% are not. 
Given multiple choices, the top three markets respondents visit at least once in the last year are Raohe Street Night Market (53%), Shihlin Night Market (49%), and Ningxia Night Market (31%); the top three the respondents have good impression are Raohe Street (19%), Ningxia (18%), and Shihlin (16%).    
For TCG’s consumer policies and people’s consumption habits, 60% of the respondents know disposable and Melamine tableware is prohibited at all TCG agencies; 80% are supportive of the policy; 55% bring their own cutlery to avoid using disposable one when dinning out and 89% bring own shopping bags. About payment habits, the most popular methods are cashes (92%), credit cards (56%), and electronic vouchers (20%).
The July poll is based on telephone interviews conducted in the evenings of July 16 through July 18, 2018, interviewing 1,127 people residing in Taipei and aged 18 or older, which excludes 1,130 people refusing to participate.  The August poll is done in the evenings of August 13 through August 15, 2018, interviewing 997 people residing in Taipei and aged 18 or older (927 people refused). The telephone numbers are randomly selected from residential numbers in Taipei City. The margin of sampling error is ±3.10% with a 95% confidence level.