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The ceremony for the Taipei City Government Publication Awards 2017 was held today (May 6, 2017) in Taipei City Hall. Mayor Wen-je Ko presented the awards to the four Taipei City Government agencies publishing the 8 winning titles.
Awarded titles include Modern Art, Coral Stone Mountain, Formosa in Formation, and Énorme et Riquiqui published by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (hereafter referred to as “TFAM,”); Spending Year of Sulfur in Taipei by the Taipei City Archives, The Dedication of Life and Little Chuckling’s World by the Taipei Hakka Affairs Commission (THAC), and The Taste of Old Town Taipei by the Department of Information and Tourism.
Modern Art, published quarterly, invites in-house and external experts to introduce Taiwan’s arts scene, current exhibitions and collections of the TFAM, etc. Coral Stone Mountain collects the works presented at the exhibition “Chen Shun-chu: Coral Stone Mountain” in 2015, which is Chen Shun-chu’s first retrospective exhibition in Taiwan. Formosa in Formation includes classical artworks in Taiwan’s Japanese colonial era selected from the TFAM’s collection in the past 30 years. By introducing the selected works in different themes, it precisely illustrates the artists’ training and self-discovery and discuss multicultural development during the period. Énorme et Riquiqui is a beautiful picture book by a French designer. Its interesting three-dimensional book design provides children great fun experiencing the size changes of objects. It also helps children learn about the relationship between them and their surroundings by showing different distances and various sizes of animal footprints.
Spending Year of Sulfur in Taipei is a documentary exploring old Taipei. Incorporating with sorted historical document, it brings audiences back to the gold years of sulfur three hundred years ago.
The Dedication of Life is a picture book embedding Hakka novel style in illustration. Not only is it literature and arts, it also serves educational purposes. Another winning title of the THAC, Little Chuckling’s World, is a children’s songs album. The THAC invites Yi-chang Wen (Misa), Sirong Lo and Sheng-xiang Lin, winners of the Hakka Music Awards in Hakka language category, to make songs with the content of The Dedication of Life, written by Golden Tripod Award winner Yao-ming Gan. All the songs are sang by the students of the Shitan Elementary School, where the story takes place. The album, crossing arts and music fields, is a perfect material for children to learn about Hakka culture.
In line with the policy redeveloping Taipei’s western area, The Taste of Old Town Taipei is published to promote the culinary tourism of the old areas such as Mengjia, Dadaocheng, Dalongtong, etc. With beautiful writings, a useful restaurant index and Taipei Metro map, Jiao Tong, the leading writer in culinary literature, takes travelers to enjoy Taipei’s unique dishes.
Government publications are important for the accumulation and sharing of government knowledge and experiences. They carry and deliver Taipei City Government’s international perspective and viewpoints on culture and history; and illustrate local characteristics. Moreover, they have an essential role in promoting government policies, serving as a communication bridge between Taipei City Government and the public. It is hoped that Taipei City Government publications will further integrate resources of all departments to meet people’s needs and social trends. Through the cooperation between departments and the distribution of publications, the public will learn more about the public values and interests government publications could create.