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72% Agree Taipei City Government Has the Ability to Execute and Administer According to Law

To gain a deeper understanding of citizens’ feelings about the city government’s governance effectiveness, the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC) of Taipei City Government conducted a public opinion survey on the mayor's approval ratings, public governance, and overall experience with Taipei City between September 27 and October 1, 2021.

Mayor Ko’s Approval Ratings
According to the poll conducted by RDEC in September of 2021, among the total 1,014 interviewees, 62% of the respondents were satisfied with the performance of Mayor Ko, while 27% were not, and 11% had no opinions or did not know.
Public Governance Survey
The survey of public governance had three key dimensions: government efficiency, government responsiveness and public participation, and governance philosophy.  There were 15 indicators in total within these three dimensions.  Most of the respondents had positive opinions on public governance of Taipei City Government.  The top 5 indicators were the ability to implement policies (72%), law-based administration (72%), administrative efficiency (70%), corruption perception (70%) and information transparency (68%).  Overall speaking, there were more positive and less negative responses in this survey compared with the survey conducted in September, 2020.  Among all, “having a clear policy direction” increased the most with a 11% increase.

Overall Experience with Taipei City
Fifty-Three percent of the total 1,014 interviewees felt that Taipei was making progress which was 5% higher than the previous survey.  However, 26% thought it had stepped back, and 18% thought it's almost the same.  In regard to the pride of living in Taipei, 71% felt proud but 19% felt otherwise.  In addition, respondents were also asked to grade the Taipei City Government staff’s performance. By setting 60 as the benchmark score, the average was 68, which was one point higher than the previous poll.
Background Information of the Opinion Poll

This household telephone survey was conducted between September 27 and October 1 of 2021 and successfully interviewed 1,014 people whose house registration was in Taipei City and aged 18 or above while 960 people refused to participate.  The margin of sampling error was under ±3.08 percent at the 95% confidence interval.  The telephone numbers were selected based on Taipei City residential numbers by replacing the last two digits chosen at random as random digit dialing sample. The responses were weighted by gender, age, and household registration location.