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SHE, Mayor Do the Flora Dance at Expo Countdown

At the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo 100-day Countdown event on July 29, Mayor Hau Lung-bin and the three pop divas from the girls band S.H.E joined dance instructor Chang Sheng-feng and over 100 residents in showcasing the steps of the “Flora Expo Dance.” The mayor hopes that the flora dance will become as popular as the recent Korean pop dances.
The mayor remarked that the flora dance takes a lot of energy and believes that it is a great dance which gives the dancer an intensive workout. The dance conveys the message that Taipei is a beautiful and healthy city through this dance. In addition to announcing 100 days until the start of the expo, Hau hopes that the dance will give residents a sense of participation.
During the interview with the media, Hau remarked that he has seen the great popularity of Korean pop dances throughout the island. He hopes that such success could be duplicated with the flora dance, even one day seeing Koreans dancing the flora dance.
When asked if he’s satisfied with his dance performance, the mayor admitted that two of his weaknesses include dancing and singing; while the dance steps have been simplified to allow the general public to learn, he admits that there is still room for improvement regarding his dancing skills.
S.H.E. gave praised to the mayor’s effort, noting that his dance steps are fairly smooth. Hebe remarked that from her observations, the mayor dances pretty well; Ella, also a member of the group, says that she is very touched to see so many people doing the flora dance together and hopes that it will become a nationwide phenomenon.