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NO.TitlePublish Date
811999 Hotline Representatives with Visual Impairment Take Care of Your Inquires about Education and Social Welfare2014-07-14
822014 Taipei-Shanghai City Forum Anticipates Further Win-win Cooperation2014-06-23
83Taipei City Government Launches the Nation’s First “Government Publication Cloud”2014-05-27
84How Nice to Live in Taipei, the City that Reads - Winners of the Taipei City Government Publication Awards 2013 Announced2014-05-27
851999 Citizen Hotline Launches Line Video Call in Sign Language for the Hearing Impaired2014-04-30
86Daan Park Was Voted the Most Beautiful Station on the MRT Xinyi Line in a Recent Poll2014-03-31
87Public Poll Says Ninety Percent of Public Bus Riders Are Pleased with the Bus Drivers2014-02-18
88The Successful Cooperation of the Graeter Taipei Twin Cities Enhances Citizens’ Well-being2014-01-30
89The New FAQ of RDEC Available Now2013-12-31
901999 Citizen Hotline Found Missing Parents for a Hearing Impaired Taipei Citizen2013-11-28
911999 Citzen Hotline Now Free for Prepaid Cell Phone Users2013-10-31
92Latest Poll on the Construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant Says Supports for Suspension Drops by 10% since the First Poll2013-09-30
93Public Poll Says Seventy-two Percent of Taipei City Residents Support House Price Index2013-08-30
942013 Taipei-Shanghai City Forum in Shanghai2013-07-30
952013 Taipei-Hong Kong Intercity Forum – A New Page Unfolds2013-06-27
96Taipei City Poll: Sixty-two Percent Supports to Suspend Construction of the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant2013-05-27
97With Sign Language Video Service Expanded, the 1999 Citizen Hotline Gives Better Care for the Hearing Impaired2013-05-27
98Introduction to Chairperson of RDEC2012-09-01
992012 Taipei-Shanghai City Forum in Taipei2012-08-31
100Youth Forum on City Governance2012-05-31