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Documents, Data & Publications Division

Supervise and manage documents, data and government publications.

Document Management

  1. Manage Taipei City Government’s publications and organize the publication competition.
  2. Take charge of open data related tasks, such as formulating regulations, organizing the open data competition, to carry out the ideal of open government and public participation.
Management of Taipei City Government Publications
  1. Organize the Taipei City Government publication competition.
  2. Organize training workshops on Taipei City Government publications.
  3. Develop the website of Taipei City Government publications to achieve the goals of paper reduction, digitalization, effective use of government funds and expanding promotion.  
Official Correspondence Search and Inspection
  1. Statistics and analysis
Conduct an analysis of the official correspondences of all Taipei City Government agencies every month. The analysis includes volumes, processing efficiency and case close rates, etc.
  1. Official correspondence inspection and processing time monitoring
(1) Processing time monitoring: Monitor the processing time from correspondences created to cases closed. In addition, inspect, rush and provide assistance by using the new e-correspondence system to ensure the cases are closed duly.
(2) Official correspondence inspection: Follow the Taipei City Government Document Guidelines to inspect official correspondences of all Taipei City Government agencies periodically and non-periodically and supervise agencies to make improvements.
(3) Workshops on document processing: Organize workshops regularly to enhance the quality of document processing.
(4) Official correspondence digitalization: Responding to the “Project of Correspondence Digitalization for Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction” of the Executive Yuan, the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC) work with the Secretariat and the Department of Information Technology to push for correspondence processing online and develop a new e-correspondence system.