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Control and Evaluation Division

Monitor and control the implementation of agencies on Mayor’s White Papers and important annual controlled projects.

  • Inspect and Control Taipei City Government Projects
    1. Evaluate and select the appropriate annual agency proposals according to the Control and Evaluation Guidelines. Throughout the whole year, they will also inspect and control all proposals as well as Executive Yuan's projects.
    2. Review projects periodically under their approved and stated guidelines.
    3. Conduct the mid-year and end-of-year inspections. Annual awards and penalties are given to agencies that met or didn't meet their stated guidelines during their inspection.
  • Inspect and Control Special Projects
    1. Monitor and control special projects. Periodical inspections are based on specific policies, plans, or public opinions. Afterward, inspection reports will be submitted to agencies concerned for reference and improvement.
    2. Control and evaluate important projects. Inspections on special projects are based on certain situations or policies.
  • Discuss and Motivate Agencies
    Provide an open discussion meeting with staffs as well as provide an educational tour of the Taipei City construction.