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First Prizes Winning City Departments of Taipei Announced for the 2019 Global City Rankings

Mayor Ko is committed to the innovation and reform of municipal administration since 2014. In addition to introducing Strategy Maps for municipal management and making livability sustainable as a vision for urban development, Ko has taken the lead in establishing a new culture of excellence, inspiring the Bureau to continuously improve service quality and citizen satisfaction.

Taipei City Departments have participated in both domestic and international evaluations in 2019. Gloriously, over 26 departments of Taipei City Governments has won 148 first prizes (or equivalent first place) of the award record, including the Taipei City Police Department, Department of Health, and Department of Education. Besides, Taipei City also won the transportation project award from the International Data Group Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (IDC SCAPA) and the Asia Pacific Special Recognition Award from UITP (International Association of Public Transport) 2019.

The honorable achievements have not only recognized by international institutions but also in domestic organizations. In a survey conducted by CommonWealth magazine 2019, Taipei City has not only winning overall performance for five consecutive years but also won all five key metrics in the first place. The items ranked first are economic power, environmental capability, governance, social welfare, and cultural education. The city has also improved by Taiwan’s central government by winning several awards, such as Annual Implementation Results of Road Traffic Order and Traffic Safety Improvement Program Awards, and the National Games Champion by the Ministry of Sports Administration.

Despite Taipei City Departments had accomplished such impressive results, the administration of Taipei City claimed that they will not be complacent after awarded.
The city government official has also promised they will keep working hard in the future to accelerate Taipei to become a more livable and sustainable city.