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The 9th Government Service Quality Award, highest honor granted by the Executive Yuan to recognize and promote outstanding government services in the country, has announced winners. Standing out among 160 participating government agencies nationwide, Taipei City Fire Department and the Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government won the awards.
What would cross your mind when hearing of “senior centers?” People usually picture a place where dark and depressing, and even form a negative impression about it. In hopes of changing the stereotype and making senior welfare institutions the second home the elderly can rely on, the Department of Social Welfare launched several service programs to improve the quality of living in the institutions.
The elderly population in Taipei has reached 425 thousands in March 2017, accounting 15.7% of Taipei’s total population. Due to rapidly aging population and low fertility, effective policies for long term senior care has become one of Taipei City Government’s priorities. In addition to diverse and continuing services such as home, community, and residential cares, Taipei City Government now provides dare care services for the seriously disabled elderly.
Today, elderly care institutions face many new challenges such as frequent visit to hospitals, duplicate medication, lack of hospice care to help the elderly dying with dignity and in comfort, and son on. In order to solve the problems, the Department of Social Welfare initiated the project of “integrated professional care in senior care institutions” in Taipei City Haoran Senior Citizens Home, Zhishan Nursing Home, and Zhaoru Nursig Home in 2014. The project established integrated geriatrics clinic services, multi-dose medication system and hospice facilities inside the care centers to reduce time going back and forth to the hospital, simplify the procedure of taking medicine, and provide palliative care and end-of-life care. More than a thousand elder people have been benefited from the project since it was launched. Not only does it reduce the waste of medical resources and improve drug safety, it also saves more than 500 hours a year for the staff in the care centers. The staff thus can focus on improving service qualities. In the second half of 2017, the Department of Social Welfare plans to implement the project in other senior care institutions. It is hoped to make these institutions the second home for the elderly and provides a comfortable and safer environment for them to live in with dignity.
In recent years, Taipei City Fire Department has been making efforts to enhance fire investigation, optimize prevention management, and develop new identification methods by simplifying procedures, introducing information services, integrating social resources, and making use of Swarm Intelligence and innovative services. In addition, it has launched several projects and activities to prevent fire accidents and reduce fire-related injuries and deaths, such as cross-agency collaboration on promoting residential fire alarm installation, “little student detectives for fires,” and “fire-fighting experience day for elementary school students,” etc. Furthermore, the Fire Department takes a variety of approaches to teach citizens fire and disaster prevention and make the knowledge available everywhere. It hopes every Taipei citizen can feel “Taipei City Fire Department takes cares of people’s safety.”
Taipei City Fire Department and the Department of Social Welfare provide Taipei citizens quality services, which speak well for the core goals of the Government Service Quality Award -- “commitment for service satisfaction” and “encouraging government agencies to provide innovative and integrated services, ” and “comprehensively enhancing the quality of public services.“ All agencies of Taipei City Government will continue to work hard together to make Taipei a livable and sustainable city.