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The 3rd Committee Meeting of “Greater Taipei Golden Twin Cities” Suggested the Merger of Taipei and New Taipei an Inevitable Trend

Presided by Taipei Mayor Lung-bin Hau and New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu, the 3th Committee Meeting for the Initiative of Greater Taipei Golden Twin Cities (hereafter referred to as “the Initiative”) was held today (August 6, 2014) at the Taipei City Hall.

Mayor Hau said Taipei and New Taipei not only geographically sit side by side, two cities are also very close to each other administratively. Since the Initiative was launched three years ago, the collaboration between two governments has been demonstrated effective and successful. Mayor Chu also emphasized that it is an inevitable trend for Taipei and New Taipei to merge into one metropolis in the future, and the Initiative has prepared a solid ground for it to happen.

Up to date, 57 collaboration projects concerning different issues have been implemented since the Initiative started. For example, in commuting, 10 express intercity bus routes were launched since 2012, significantly reducing Taipei and New Taipei citizens’ commuting time. In addition, Taipei Metro network keeps expanding and the integration of two cities’ real-time bus information systems continue to progress.

In order to provide services and facilities supporting industry development, Taipei and New Taipei will jointly build a center for cloud computing industry, an exchange center for innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship, and a center for development of cloud computing talents.

Lots of joint efforts are also devoted to address environment and resource concerns. For instance, Tamsui River was revitalized after the removal of floating objects. Also undertaken is the water supply improvement project in Banqiao-Xingzhuang areas. By means of effective management and use of the Xindian River water, the project aims for residents of both cities to share quality water supplied by Feitsui Reservoir.

In regards to education, Taipei and New Taipei continue to share education resources for young children with hearing and/or vision impairments. Additionally, two governments host activities together such as reading promotion and education programs on public library use. Furthermore, for the Universiade Taipei 2017, the organizing team works hard to bring together available and necessary sports facilities and manpower of both cities to present the best game ever.

Another example for the cooperation between two governments is about the disaster prevention and response. In addition to the resource sharing and training, the dispatch of joint rescue and operation is strengthened and experiences on community-based disaster management are exchanged to increase the overall competency on disaster management in greater Taipei region.
The Initiative also includes cooperation projects on social welfare, public health, tourism, etc. For example, the newborn infant hearing screening provided by designate hospitals in Taipei and New Taipei is available to residents of both cities; joint random testing on lunches at public schools and promotion of breast milk feeding; overseas tourism promotion and tourism information services, etc.
The initiative of Greater Taipei Golden Twin Cities successfully serves as a platform for Taipei and New Taipei to work hand in hand to maximize their citizens’ well-being. It also establishes a solid foundation for the integration of Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung in the future.