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The Project Encouraging City Staff to Release and Use Government Date Shows Excellent Results

   Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Taipei City Government (RDEC) launched the Project of Incentive Awards for Taipei City Government Employees to Release and Use Government Data (hereinafter referred to as “the Incentive Award Project”) in 2016. The Incentive Award Project is intended to encourage city staff make government data available to the public and use it for data mining and service innovation. It is continued this year and the submission and review of the applications for the awards were conducted from May through August. 7 cases were selected for the awards, which were conferred in the weekly city administration meeting today (August 20, 2019.) Mayor Ko presented the prizes in person to the winning teams. 
   The grand prize goes to “Land Administration Cloud.” The reviewers praise the abundance of information available for the public and the enhanced services at the platform. The top excellence prizes are: 1. “Municipal Affairs Dashboard” by the Department of Information Technology. It applies data mining techniques to assist the decision making of Taipei City Government. 2. “Budget Search” by the Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, which makes budget information online for the public to retrieve. 3. “Analysis of 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline Case Dispatch,” providing a reference for the allocation of administrative resources. The other three winning cases are: 1. “Subscription of Personalized Information” by the Department of Information Technology, which connects open data of all agencies; 2. “Water Station Information during Disasters in Taipei City” by the Taipei Water Department; 3. “Exploration and Analysis of Brown Root Rot Disease Management for Trees Planted in Parks or along Roads in Taipei” by the Parks and Street Lights Office.
   Mayor Ko thanks all participating staff’ endeavors and hopes to keep shaping the organization culture embracing “open government.” He encourages city staff to achieve more on the value-added application of open data to improve the administration efficiency and citizen welfare.